Who We are

First Reformed Church Leadership

The staff and consistory of First Reformed Church is eager to serve Christ’s church here in Cedar Grove. The consistory consists of six elders and deacons who serve for three year terms. There are also seven ministry teams that have been organized to help lead the church. Please feel free to contact any one of these individuals for any questions or assistance.

Who We are

Our Church Staff


Senior Pastor


Youth Director


Custoddial Care




Financial Administrator

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Worship Director

Who We are

Elders & Deacons

- John Den Boer

- Brian Huenink
- Mark Lorge 

- Lloyd Ter Maat

- Roger Te Stroete 

- Eric Veldhorst

- Dan Hartmann

- Dan Hopeman 

- Jason Jones

- Joel Mentink

- Dan Teunissen

- Paul Teunissen

Who We are

Ministry Teams

Eric Veldhorst & Dan Hartmann Contact: Eric Veldhorst

Mark Lorge & Jason Jones Contact: Mark Lorge 920-980-1345
(Connect & Care with Compassion) Contact: Joan Dana 920-918-7785

Pastor Brad &  Dan Teunissen
Contact: Pastor Brad Bradford  904-518-7304

Lloyd TerMaat & Dan Teunissen
Contact: Lloyd TerMaat  920-980-5798

John Den Boer & Joel Mentink
Contact: John Den Boer  920-912-5885

Brian Huenink &  Paul Teunissen
Contact: Brian Huenink  920- 627-9996

Roger TeStroete & Dan Hopeman