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The multi-generational congregation of First Reformed Church in Cedar Grove, WI is seeking an empowering leader at the position of (Senior/Lead) Pastor. We need someone who will develop and direct us to be Christ’s Church inside and outside our walls. Our strong Dutch heritage and agricultural roots have served us well over the past century and a half but we desire to be more than that to our community. Our culture is ever-changing and our small community is no exception. We have a tremendous potential for God’s word to spread beyond our doors and we need a pastor who can show us what living God’s truth looks like and then teach us how to proclaim it to the lost and broken people in our everyday lives.

For additional information about this opportunity, please view the links below. To submit an application, please contact Brian Huenink and Andrew Lavey at first-search@googlegroups.com. Application review will begin on May 9, 2017.

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