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With any group of people, there comes a time when others express a desire to participate with them on a more formal basis. Your opening of this page indicates that you have some of that desire growing in you. We feel delighted that you want to know more about how membership happens here at First Reformed Church in Cedar Grove.

Ultimately, membership in the Christian Church is first and foremost a matter of having a relationship with Jesus Christ. If you are already in a relationship with Jesus, we want to continue to celebrate that with you. If you are not presently in relationship with Jesus, we will help you in starting that process and maintaining it.

The actual Membership Class is a time to do three things. One, it gives us an opportunity to state or restate our commitment to Jesus Christ. Two, it allows for the dialogue of what it means to be a part of the Reformed Church in America and discuss its understanding of God and the Bible. Three, it gives you opportunity to discover how we engage the things of the church here at First Reformed in Cedar Grove and to consider where you will develop your participation if you decide to become a member.

This time together generally meets after worship on a Sunday morning from 10:15 to 11:00 for three consecutive Sundays. We meet whenever there is a request for the opportunity. If you wish to pursue the possibility of ministering with us as a fellow member, please contact the church office.
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